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From October 1, price increases for certain domains!

Dear friends and colleagues!
Domain Administrator .in.ua announced a price increase from October 1, 2022, for domain registration in.ua, od.ua, odessa.ua, mk.ua, nikolaev.ua.

In this regard, we will also be forced to proportionally raise prices. We recommend that you renew your domain registration in advance at current prices.
Starting from October 1, the cost of domain registration in.ua will be 346 UAH in year, od.uaodessa.uamk.ua, nikolaev.ua325 UAH/year. 

Also, the possibility of registering domains in the mykolaiv.ua zone will be added, at a price of 325 UAH/year.
You can find out the prices and check the availability of other domains on the >>>Registration of domains page
We have an open transfer of domains to us for service, in case you have a domain registered with another company.
Consultation regarding any questions:
(048) 708-07-85
(044) 333-72-37