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Loyalty program

We appreciate people and companies that are engaged in the development of the Internet - web studios, programmers, designers, freelancers, SEO specialists. They are offered a loyalty program for all our services (hosting, domains, servers). The loyalty program discount can reach 10%.
How to get a loyalty program discount
Depending on the amount for which the user has purchased our services, he receives a certain status. The loyalty program takes into account the amount of money spent on any of our services. The turnover is recalculated once a day, so the transition to the next level of the loyalty program takes place the next day. Below is a table showing the turnover and discounts for each of the statuses. 
Status Circulation Discount
Bronze 50$ 3%
Silver 100$ 5%
Gold 200$ 7%
Platinum 500$ 10%
Attention! We strongly recommend that after assigning a new user status under the loyalty program, all unpaid invoices should be reissued in your personal account. New invoices will be issued already taking into account the discount for the new user status.

We reserve the right to change the terms of the loyalty program without notice.