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About company

QHost is a team that has been working together for more than 10 years in the field of IT services. By participating in large-scale online projects, we have gained tremendous experience on how to work in the Hosting business.

"QHost" is an official domain name registrar and can independently register and maintain domain names.
As developers with a huge track record, we fully understand all the needs of our colleagues, whether it be a single freelancer or a huge IT holding. We know what to do in non-standard situations and most importantly we know how to do it!

Our clients:
Among our clients are financial organizations, production structures and enterprises, private firms, government organizations, individuals.
We are very flexible and can always make a profitable offer for you.

We develop and test experimental and innovative products in the field of hosting services. We have a very cool iron. We are reliable and decent! We love our work very much and therefore, having come to us one day, you will receive such a service that you cannot refuse!

Hosting provider QHost!