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Dedicated servers

Dedicated server — a type of hosting in which a separate physical machine is provided to the client. Typically used to run applications that cannot coexist on the same server with other projects or have high resource requirements.

Цена грн/мес.
Процессор :Xeon® E5
Память :16Gb
Диск :2Tb SSD
Цена грн/мес. :4300.00
Процессор :2x Xeon® E5
Память :64Gb
Диск :2Tb SSD
Цена грн/мес. :5400.00
For all dedicated servers: Throughput to the UA-IX exchange point is 1 Gbps, for foreign resources 100 Mbps Unlimited Ukrainian and foreign traffic 1 free IPv4 Full root access to the physical server Provision of IP KVM upon request Free replacement of failed equipment and reinstallation of the operating system Additional services: Additional IPv4 - 56 UAH per month Merging a server into a local network - 500 UAH. per month