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Price increase for all services from 08/19/2022!

Dear customers and partners, today our news will be about the increase in prices for services. For a long time, we kept the cost of hosting services and server rental at the pre-war level and provided some services for free for a long time.
But the modern realities of our life force us to make our own amendments. The cost of IT services largely depends on the currency situation in the country's market, since the beginning of hostilities, the exchange rate has increased by 40%, this factor has a significant impact on our services, in particular on the formation of component prices, placement of servers in data centers of foreign partners, channels communication, licensing and many other factors.

Therefore, for the further operation of the company, we are forced to bring the prices in line with today's exchange rate.
In this regard, we are forced to increase the cost of services by 25-40% from 19.08. Changes will affect: domains, virtual hosting, virtual servers, dedicated servers.

You can pay for domains in most zones and hosting in advance. We advise you to take advantage of this opportunity before the price increases and extend the services, so you can save money. Paying for hosting for one or two years is much cheaper than paying monthly.

We hope for your understanding and continue to work for you!

Consultation on any issues:
+38 044 333-72-37