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Transition to EPP and price changes for IN.UA, OD.UA, ODESSA.UA zones.

Starting from October 01, 2017, IN.UA, OD.UA, ODESSA.UA domains are switched to EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol). This step will greatly simplify and speed up the work with domain names for registrars and domain name owners. In particular, the transfer procedure will be simplified, the change of domain contacts will be simplified, it will be possible to delegate domains for up to 10 years. In addition, the period during which it will be possible to restore a domain will increase: as in other UAEPP zones, an additional 30-day redemptionPeriod period will appear.
Technically, the process of switching to EPP for IN.UA, OD.UA, ODESSA.UA domain name owners will go unnoticed.
But registries will change the cost of paid transactions.
The cost of our services will be:

Registration 218 UAH. 232 UAH.
Renew 218 UAH. 232 UAH.
Transfer 218 UAH. 232 UAH.
Restore 886 UAH. 932 UAH.

But we want to note that domains in these zones have always been among the cheapest in the Ukrainian domain name market.
Domain name registration regulations will be the same as for most other Ukrainian registries: com.ua, org.ua, kiev.ua, dp.ua, etc. Recall that before that, all requests for IN.UA, OD.UA, ODESSA.UA domains were processed by email, and instead of contacts, nic-handles from the UANIC database were used in domains.