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Domain transfer .biz.ua, .co.ua

Domain transfer .biz.ua, .co.ua
To transfer a domain, you will need to follow some steps:
1. Contact your current registrar with a request to indicate your contact details in the domain.
Note! The contact details of the domain registrant (owner of CUNIC) and the owner of the personal account must match.
2. Notify the current registrar of your intention to transfer the domain to TOV "CUHOST", qhostua-mnt-cunic.
3. Ask the current registrar for the domain transfer code (auth-code).
The procedure for applying for a domain transfer is as follows:
1. Apply for a domain transfer from the "Domain transfer" page.
Attention: if you receive the message "The domain registrar has blocked the possibility of making a transfer" when applying, in this case you need to contact the current registrar with a request to change the domain status from "clientTransferProhibited" to "Ok".
2. Read the terms of the domain name transfer, enter the domain transfer code in the "Enter AUTH CODE" field, then click on "Perform domain transfer".
3. Domain transfer lasts 5 - 7 days. After the transfer is completed, you will receive a notification by email.