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Domain transfer to another registrar (all zones except .SU)

Domain transfer to another registrar (all zones except .SU)
It is not possible to transfer a domain if:
1) the domain name registration has expired. Exceptions: .tv domains, where the block can be removed for 15 days, and .ru/.su - 7 days before the expiration of the domain
2) less than 30 - 60 days (depending on the domain zone) have passed since the registration/transfer of the domain;
3) when registering as an account owner, you provided an incorrect full name. In this case, you first need to send a request to change your full name in the control panel.
To transfer a domain to another registrar, you need to:
Specify your contact information in the domain. The procedure for changing contacts depends on the domain zone and is described in detail in the "Procedure for changing admin-c/domain contacts" section.
For domains in the .UA zone, skip the first paragraph.
After specifying your data in the domain, go to "Control Panel - Domains" and select "Domain Transfer":
On the page that opens, specify the name and code of the new existing registrar (for international zones, only the name of the registrar):
You can find the data of Ukrainian registrars on Hostmaster.
The procedure for unlocking a domain transfer depends on the security level set in your control panel.
After the blocking for the transfer is lifted, contact the new registrar with a request to send a request for a domain name transfer.
Please note: if a secret code (auth-code) is required for a domain transfer, you will need to submit a request to the technical department asking you to provide it.