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Buy a domain .com

COM is a top-level domain (gTLD). Universal domain zone, one of the first generic top-level domains. Initially, the .COM (Commercial) domain was intended for commercial organizations, but over time, domain registration in this zone became completely free, and now anyone can register a domain in the .COM zone.

Price for a domain in the com zone:

Domain registration cost com - 708.00 UAH/year
Domain renewal cost com - 708.00 UAH/year
Domain transfer cost com - 708.00 UAH/year

Check if a domain is free in a zone com


Characteristics of the com domain zone:

Registry (zone administrator) VeriSign, Inc., http://www.verisigninc.com/
Domain registration (period) In real time

com domains. We answer your questions:

How much does it cost to register, buy a domain in the .com domain zone?
Buying a com domain, registering and renewing this domain name in the domain zone costs 708.00 UAH/year.
Does QHost provide hosting services for .com domains?
Yes. When buying a domain, you can choose a suitable hosting plan.
How long does it take to register a domain in the com zone?
Registration of com domains usually takes place within an hour after payment of the invoice.
How to find out if the domain you have chosen is free?
To check the availability of the selected domain, you can use the domain name check service on the site.