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Buy a domain .com.ua

Domains COM.UA are in great demand among specialists and companies, as they reflect the commercial orientation of the site in the Ukrainian Internet zone. They are also perfect for sites of any companies and topics, geographically oriented to the Ukrainian audience.

com.ua domains allow you to unambiguously determine the geography of services. Many companies prefer to register the com.ua domain in order to emphasize the focus on the requirements of the Ukrainian client and work at the international level. The inclusion of two zones in the domain is the best option both for Ukrainian companies operating abroad and for foreign enterprises that have opened their branches in Ukraine and create their own websites.

Domains com.ua today are used not only to determine ownership, but also as part of the full name of the site. When planning to register a domain, marketers choose a bright site name, where the first and second level domains work as a whole.

Price for a domain in the com.ua zone:

Domain registration cost com.ua - 428.00 UAH/year
Domain renewal cost com.ua - 428.00 UAH/year
Domain transfer cost com.ua - 428.00 UAH/year

Check if a domain is free in a zone com.ua


Characteristics of the com.ua domain zone:

Registry (zone administrator) ООО Хостмастер, http://hostmaster.ua
Domain registration (period) In real time

com.ua domains. We answer your questions:

How much does it cost to register, buy a domain in the .com.ua domain zone?
Buying a com.ua domain, registering and renewing this domain name in the domain zone costs 428.00 UAH/year.
Does QHost provide hosting services for .com.ua domains?
Yes. When buying a domain, you can choose a suitable hosting plan.
How long does it take to register a domain in the com.ua zone?
Registration of com.ua domains usually takes place within an hour after payment of the invoice.
How to find out if the domain you have chosen is free?
To check the availability of the selected domain, you can use the domain name check service on the site.